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We are a local, family owned business dedicated to using the finest ingredients to make memorably delicious, handmade products from scratch. We elevate traditional flavors by using unusual and local inspiration to create our own take on old favorites as well as new flavors.

CheeseQuakes!® are better than cheesecakes!

We use rBST hormone free dairy ingredients for our soft, creamy fillings. To make the best crusts we make our own graham cracker and chocolate cookie crumbs for our thick crusts. Our specialty ingredients are sourced locally from vendors that we usually know personally.

From our simple beginnings in a kitchen in the Castro and our first customer in North Beach to  neighborhood markets and restaurants around the Bay Area and our first shop in the Ferry Building, and second in Berkeley's Epicurious Garden, people have supported us.  As we grow, we continue to support other local businesses, our neighbors, our employees and of course, the affection that people have for the Bay Area and it's food.

Share. Gift. And Enjoy our CheeseQuakes!® ...that Rock!

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